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Black Friday


a new play...

by Justin Martinez & Leo Nightingale

November, 2015


In the final hour of Thanksgiving night,

a pair of ardent shoppers wait in line for

the best deals the universe has to offer

in order to salvage their complicated,

dysfunctional lives. As they psychotically

defend their turf and plot their wacky

strategies the game keeps changing. Will they get what they came for? Perhaps more than they bargained for? Or just what they deserve? Come stand in line with Mary and Neil for the last hour before the store opens to find out... As midnight nears, their universe in turn will put its own value on them.

Don't miss out on an entirely new Black Friday experience, Join us for a truly unique pre-season treat!


$6 at the door or online @
















November 20, 21 & 27, 2015

Orange Mouse Theatricals presents…


a play by Justin Martinez & Leo Nightingale

Directed by Cynthia Evans


Present day.  11:00pm Thanksgiving night.

Outside the Reichstag Electronics superstore.



Mary……….Cara Bray

Neil……….Ethan Banman

David……….Jason Keezer










Orange Mouse Theatricals
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